Amazon Advertising

These days, end customers are exposed to all kinds of advertising on virtually all online channels. Most of these offers are irrelevant to the end customer as they are not geared towards the right target group. The competition is also growing rapidly on Amazon, where new advertising opportunities are emerging on a constant basis and customers are flooded with advertising.

The interest of end customers shrinks due to the falling quality and increasing quantity of advertising content. At the same time, campaign structures are becoming increasingly complex. Without targeted advertising measures, companies can no longer ensure profitable increases in turnover.

Cutting-Edge Amazon Advertising

As your company has more and more access to customer data, the use of software tools and machine learning algorithms will become indispensable for targeted advertising measures. Customers are also increasingly more likely to take part in special offer events such as Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which must be harnessed in the best possible way.

Your company should ensure that all Amazon Advertising campaigns are structured and aligned in a way which is targeted and effective. At the same time, you must be and remain able to react to trends and innovations in a timely manner. This way, you are able to convert your advertising budget into profitable sales.

Amazon Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Display Ads and more

As an Amazon PPC Agency, sellectra compiles targeted, international Amazon Advertising campaign structures for your product portfolio. During the initial campaign setup, we will make sure that all advertising possibilities are tested and evaluated for your company on all Amazon marketplaces.

The second step involves the deployment of Amazon campaigns which actually lead to profitable sales. By continuously acquiring and using data, we are able to recognise trends and changes early on, which will allow you to reach your target customers with high precision and minimal advertising costs.