Your customized Amazon strategy

The importance of product sales via e-commerce marketing channels is growing rapidly. Amazon, one of the world’s largest e-commerce marketplaces, is very dynamic and the pressure from competitors is on the rise. Along with the price battles and struggles for position between pre-existing sellers, there are countless new brands entering the market every day. Marketplaces are becoming increasingly complex.

At the same time, end customers are demanding more from sellers. A smooth customer experience across all e-commerce channels is now considered a matter of course. The challenge of achieving a profitable position in this competitive landscape is growing by the minute for you as a seller.

Relevant strategies for your Amazon Account

Today, e-commerce is one of the cornerstones of commercial success for many brands. In order to succeed, your brands need a customized strategy. One of the conditions for this strategy, in turn, is an accurate assessment of your competitors. Get to know them and observe the changes at various levels: locally and globally, nationally, and internationally, online, and stationary.

Only by keeping up with your competition can you clearly distinguish your own brands and products, take advantage of gaps, and profitably expand your sales channels. Together with you and as an Amazon Marketing Agency, sellectra will develop a tailored e-commerce strategy for all relevant Amazon marketplaces.

A well-thought-out Amazon market presence

We will master the complexities of Amazon marketplaces together with you and actively assist you in building up new areas of business. Our individual strategy, customized to meet your company’s needs, ensures that your company becomes and remains competitive, your product portfolio’s ranking consistently rises in a measurable way, and you are positioned internationally in such a way that your company can grow sustainably and profitably.