Amazon Controlling

The larger your company, the harder it is to keep track of all sales channels and the performance of your own Amazon Account. An e-commerce marketplace must be profitable in order to survive online retail, however. Therefore, sustainable, and profitable planning of marketing and product strategies is a fundamental requirement for commercial success.

PPC campaign key figures and more

In order to grow profitably, your company must be able to create forecasts based on data and pinpoint the use of its resources. Huge pressure from competitors and the multitude of possibilities make it harder for you to keep track of your own performance and the product portfolio of your Amazon Account, but this overview is the only way that you can make informed decisions which ensure that your company has a good rate of return and its liquidity is safeguarded.

Drawing conclusions from your Amazon campaigns

As an Amazon Agency, sellectra will give you a transparent overview of all the relevant key figures of your Amazon Account. We will provide you with transparency and a long-term overview of your relevant key figures. From now on, you will make your decisions on the basis of current data, thereby continuously increasing the performance of your Amazon Account.